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Power steering has become the standard for driving convenience and safety, so it stands to reason when your power steering system’s fluid needs to be flushed, you shouldn’t wait. At Auto Oil Changers, we can expertly top off, flush, and replace your car’s power steering fluids for a reasonable price. Our licensed and certified mechanics have years of experience servicing all makes and models of vehicles, and we’ve built a reputation for timely auto services that will get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

We also offer a wide range of maintenance services that include:

  • Oil and oil filter changes
  • Transmission flushes
  • Air and engine filter changes
  • Differential servicing
  • Brake fluid servicing
  • Deluxe car washes
  • Radiator/coolant maintenance
  • And more

Ensure your drive is safe, fuel efficient, and comfortable when you visit one of our shops in Visalia, CA, or Tulare, CA.

Why flushing your power steering system is important

Your vehicle’s power steering system sends fluid and pressure via a rotary valve to your car’s steering column, which allows you to easily turn your steering wheel while driving. When your power steering fluid is compromised by moisture, contaminants, or simply degrades with use, you’ll find steering your car more difficult.

A compromised steering system can lead to less fuel efficiency and even auto accidents if your steering wheel becomes to difficult to move. At Auto Oil Changers, we have the equipment and expertise to replace or top off your power steering fluid, check for leaks, and ensure your power steering system is functioning as it should. No matter your car’s age, make, or model, we’ll ensure it’s safe to drive for a reasonable price. Contact us now for more information.

Signs your car needs a power steering flush

As with any other system in your vehicle, there are definitive signs that your power steering system may need an inspection. These signs include:

  • Power steering leaks
  • Less responsive or difficult steering
  • Odd noises when you turn your steering wheel
  • Your car or truck is overdue for scheduled maintenance

We’re happy to diagnose any steering issue you’re experiencing, and we’ll offer affordable solutions to ensure the problem is resolved. Whether you need an oil change, a transmission flush, or power steering servicing, we offer expert maintenance at affordable prices. Contact our power steering professionals today to schedule an appointment.

Drive with real peace of mind

Your vehicle’s power steering not only makes your drive easier, but it also makes handling your car safer. If your steering wheel is not responsive, your brakes struggle to safely slow your car’s speed, or your car overheats while driving, you can cause serious damage to your car and possibly endanger the safety of your drive.

At Auto Oil Changers, we specialize in diagnosing major auto issues quickly and effectively. We can give you a clear understanding of what your car may need and offer affordable solutions to ensure your drive home is a safe one. From filter replacements to oil changes, there’s no maintenance service we can’t handle. We use only the finest quality fluids for all of our refills and flushes. Drive with real peace of mind when you visit Auto Oil Changers in Visalia, CA, and Tulare, CA, today.

Ensure a safe drive. Visit today.
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