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Quality and Hassle-Free Car Wash

When you stop by Auto Oil Changers to care for your car’s under-the-hood maintenance with an oil and filter change, you can also get your vehicle looking its best with our touch-free car wash services. Available at three locations in Tulare County, our car wash can have your car cleaned quickly without wasting water or polluting the environment with harsh chemicals. Even better, you don’t have to worry about risking damage to the body of your vehicle due to the car wash equipment, because the process does not utilize cloths and sponges that can knock off mirrors or scratch the paint.

Advantages of the Touchless Car Wash

In the touchless car wash, all the cleaning is done with high-pressure water sprayers and cleaning chemicals. Sensors follow the contours of the vehicle as it passes through the wash, so each nook and cranny is hit with suds and water. This means that your car will get completely clean without risking any knocked-off antennae or broken mirrors.

  • Minimal vehicle damage – Unfortunately, many people don’t visit professional car washes because they are worried about damage to the external components of their vehicles. In the past, car wash equipment was not as delicate and gentle on cars and trucks, so the risk for damage was a real concern. Touchless equipment eliminates the risk, since sprayers are gentler on the more vulnerable parts of your vehicle.
  • Ability to clean any vehicle – Cars, trucks, and SUVs of all sizes can be accommodated by the touchless car wash. Even if you have custom body modifications, our car wash can safely clean your vehicle with ease.
  • Quick wash time – The touch-free car wash can have you in and out in just a few minutes, so you can keep your car clean even when you’re in a hurry. Each car wash service is also affordably priced, so you don’t have to blow your budget on keeping your car clean. This makes it easy to add the service on when you stop in for a 10-minute oil change.

Green Car Wash Services in Tulare County

One of the problems with taking your car to just any car wash or washing it yourself is that lots of water can be wasted in the process. At Auto Oil Changers, we use recycled water to minimize waste, and we use green, eco-friendly chemicals to minimize environmental damage. This means that dangerous chemicals aren’t going down the drain and into the local water supply, which is a growing concern in Central California.

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